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You must be a member of USA Cycling to train and/or race on the track.

The CVA Promotes Track Racing from May until Late September! We offer various different categories, events opportunities to race. Our "Bread and Butter" is the Tuesday and Thursday Night Racing Series, however we do put on other races through out the season! This year we are excited to put on USCF Masters Nationals!.

 Which Night?

With all the shake ups at the velodrome, there may be some confusion as to which night you can race. With lights at the velodrome, Night Racing is back! We have two action packed nights of racing for you and just about everybody has the opportunity to race BOTH NIGHTS!

Tuesday Night Racing

7:00 pm
A, B, C and Juniors

The CVA is happy to provide a night of racing targeted at having fun! This is a low key fun evening of racing designed to just enjoy racing your bicycle. With reduced entry fees, self selecting open grades of racing (A, B, C) and Juniors, there is a racing grade for everybody! While there will be no cash prizes, we will be soliciting merchandise prizes to be distributed through the season. There are no cash prizes or season points on the line here, but don't expect the racing to be slow. Pride and friendly competition will keep the race fast and most important, FUN! There is a race for everybody, from beginner to professional! Half price.... Full speed.... what more can you ask for?

Track racing glossary

Thursday Night Racing

7:00 pm
Men P/1/2, Men 3, Women 1/2/3

This is the CVA's featured track racing series! The Men's Rider of the Year awards will be hard fought in the P/1/2 races while the Women will battle for the Rider of the Year award in the Women's 1/2/3 racing. You will see some of the best racers in the country showing up to give the 7-Eleven Olympic Training Center Velodrome a try. National champions, Olympians and Olympic hopefuls will all be regulars on Thursday night. This is some of the best racing in the country!

Track racing glossary

 The Grade System

First, let's not get worked up and worried! Nobody is going to grade you on your track racing! We are going to provide you with lots of opportunities to race a lot of different people! We are moving away from the traditional USCF Category system and moving to a self graded A/B/C system! We still have races for beginners, but once you gain some experience, you will be racing in the grade you chose! This offers you tremendous flexibility in your racing schedule! Here is how things shake out:

Developmental Men/Women (Tuesday Night): This is where track racing starts in Colorado. This entry level grade of racing is designed to teach you the basics of track racing with a emphasis on safety. Developmental riders will be given additional instruction on race night. This instruction will include a pre-race meeting to explain the events going on that evening, track safety and other aspects of track racing. This informal meeting will also give new riders the chance to ask questions if needed. If the fields are not large enough for riders to gain group riding experience, more bike racers will be provided! The CVA will select experienced track racers to ride with the Developmental Men to act as on-track mentors. The mentors will not be racing, rather offering tips and getting people used to riding in a group. This is an educational and fun grade of racing!

A/B/C Grade (Tuesday): Our self graded racing is open to all experienced track racers! Feeling good tonight? Ride with the A grade riders! Feeling a little sluggish? Give the B or C grade races a shot! The beauty of this system is that you decide where you ride! We like to think of it like this:

   - A Grade - Fastest Experienced Track Racers
   - B Grade - Faster Experienced Track Racers
   - C Grade - Fast Experienced Track Racers

The Rider of the Year and the Masters Rider of the Year will be won in the Thursday night Men P/1/2 and Women 1/2/3 racing! With the USOC Resident Athletes, the local professional bike racers and a host of aggressive local racers, the racing will be nothing short of world class.

Riding In Grades Other Than The One You Signed Up For: You may sign up for whatever grade you feel is right on the night of racing. If it turns out you're feeling a little more spry than you had originally thought when you signed up for the Bs (for instance), then you may ride with the As for an event that you think you can hold your own in. Or if that last set of squats you did in the gym earlier in the day seems to have taken more out of you than you thought, you can choose to ride with the Cs.

However, you may not sign up with the Bs, and then ride one race with the As and another with the Cs. The intent of this "ride up or ride down" provision is to accommodate people who are feeling that they are on the borderline between two groups. Riding up in one race, and then riding down in another is not consistent with that.

Additionally, you may ride up or down only one grade. That is, if you register with the Cs, then you may ride up with the Bs, but not with the As. Similarly for riding down.

While we will allow you to ride different categories, Men are only eligible to race 3 races in one evening. They may ride a Sprint (short distance), a medium distance and an endurance (long distance) event. (We have designed the schedule so that each grade has one of each of these events per night.) You may not race the A and the B points race, nor the B and the C sprint events. Each rider is entitled to one of each type of event only.

The Chief Referee ultimately has final discretion as to which Grade a rider may race. If the Chief Ref decides that you have registered for a grade that is either too easy or too difficult, then you will be requested and required to change to whatever grade the Chief Ref deems appropriate. The Chief Referee's decision is final.

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