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The 7-Eleven United States Olympic Training Center Velodrome was built in 1982 in preparation for the 1984 Olympics in LA. The track is a 333.3 meter track, with a 33 degree banking. Riders love this track for its speed. In 2006, we are happy to announce that we have new lights and are having a lot of fun with them!

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What license and memberships do I need to ride the track?
The only license or membership you actually NEED to race on the 7-11 United States Olympic Training Center Velodrome is a USCF License. You can get information about that from USA Cycling.

In addition, we recommend that you join a CVA Member Club and join the CVA. We have a complete list of benefits for CVA Members, it can be found here.

Unfortunately, your ACA membership will not allow you to race on the Colorado Springs velodrome. All of our training and racing is sanctioned by the USCF.
Where can I find out more information about track racing?
Getting hooked up with one of the CVA Member Clubs is a great place to start. The riders on these clubs have a great depth of knowledge and are always willing to share information with you.

Another great track racing resource is FixedGearFever. It is regularly updated with information about track racing around the world. You can also check our links page for other resources!

Finally, you can contact the CVA directly. can help direct your questions to the appropriate person!
We understand that the acronyms can be a little crazy! Let us help work a few out here!
ACA     American Cycling Association - An independent cycling organization promoting bicycle racing outside of the USCF. Based in Colorado, they promote events in several other states.
ATRA     American Track Racing Association - This is the association of velodrome associations around the United States.
AVC     American Velodrome Challenge - This is the elite national series of track racing put on by ATRA. We host an AVC event every year on July 4th.
CVA     Colorado Velodrome Association - The CVA manages and promotes track racing in Colorado.
USAC     USA Cycling- The national governing body for cycling in the United States.
USCF     United States Cycling Federation - The USCF is responsible for governing and promoting road and track racing in the United States.

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