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The Colorado Velodrome Association (CVA) is USA Cycling's Local Association for road and track racing in Colorado.

The CVA is located in Colorado Springs, is a not-for profit organization and has Colorado USA Cycling clubs and individuals as members. Funding for the Local Associations across the country is provided by USA Cycling through a portion of road and track license sales in the respective states.

Since 2004, the CVA has served as Colorado’s local association, and in 2005 formed a special committee to coordinate road racing in Colorado. The CVA allocates two thirds of the Local Association funding to support and develop road racing, with one third allocated to track racing. The CVA’s mission is to create an awareness of, and provide a single point of information and contact for Colorado's USA Cycling events, both road and track.

For a complete list of CVA board members, please visit the about us section on the track home page.

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